What payment options are available?

We currently support Stripe and PayPal as payment processors.

How are physical product samples shipped?

The advertiser will ship the products directly to the campaign holder. Sample Distro does not provide fulfillment for now.

How does Sample Distro ensure ad placements are delivered?

We usually provide video or photo evidence provide by the campaign holder with the samples or product placements are delivered as promised.

How long does vetting take?

Vetting can take between 2-3 days if the campaign holder has proof of business, campaign details, and signed the agreement.

When are payments sent to the campaign holder?

There is a $250 minimum for each campaign. After this $250 threshold is met the campaign holder can at anytime request a withdrawal. Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours. Please note that your bank may take more time to clear the funds.

How are Campaigns vetted?

We require proof of business, as well as, provide a signed contractual agreement for the deliverables of the campaign. We meet with each campaign in-person or video chat to provide clear expectations of deliverables.